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Wise On Home Inspections is a trusted provider of residential and commercial property inspections all throughout the Okanagan region. Our comprehensive reports serve as a valuable resource for buyers and sellers, allowing them to make informed decisions about their purchase or sale. By understanding a home’s condition, buyers can negotiate the selling price accordingly, while sellers can address any issues before listing their home.

Trust Wise On Home Inspections in Lake Country and surrounding areas for peace of mind and the ability to make well-informed decisions about your future home!


When it comes to selling your home, there are many factors to consider in order to achieve a smooth and successful transaction. The value of a pre-listing inspection cannot be overlooked. This not only helps sellers set a competitive listing price based on the true condition of the home but also reduces the risk of surprises for both sellers and buyers during the selling process.

New Construction

In Lake Country, a new construction inspection is an important step in the building process. Identifying and addressing defects or deficiencies during the new construction inspection is crucial. It allows you to hold the builder accountable and responsible for the necessary repairs, which are often easier to resolve within the warranty period.


In competitive real estate markets like British Columbia, a pre-purchase home inspection is a crucial step for buyers looking to secure their dream home. By uncovering any hidden problems, you can factor in the cost of repairs or maintenance when making an offer. Gain peace of mind about your real estate transaction by hiring Wise On Home Inspections!

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