Sellers: How to Prepare For a Home Inspection

Comprehensive Seller’s Checklist to Prepare for Your Inspection

In order to take full advantage of your inspection, there are a few steps you can take to be prepared.

  • Ensure all utilities and the water is turned on (incl. water heaters).
  • Clear personal property blocking attic hatches or crawlspace hatches (fixed shelving in closets should be removed if blocking access).
  • Clear personal property blocking access to the electrical panels such that the covers can be removed.
  • Ensure all sensitive electronic equipment is shutoff in case a breaker is accidentally tripped.
  • Clear personal property blocking access to the furnace and water heater.
  • Lift up all blinds and open all curtains so that windows are accessible.
  • Ensure all fireplace pilot lights are lit (if they are not automatic) and ensure the remote is accessible if one is required to turn the fireplace on.
  • Please pick-up any pet waste from the backyard. We need to be able to look at the home freely without having to watch where we step.
  • Please leave any remotes required for ceiling fans in an accessible location.

Note: Please know that the inspector can NOT be accountable for any pets that are present during the inspection. If you have a cat that likes to escape, it would be best make other arrangements for it during the inspection. Although we do our best to ensure they stay inside, cats have been known to bolt through a door before it’s even fully opened.

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