Clean Your A/C!

Air Conditioner time is quickly approaching and it’s important that you take a minute to go outside and check to see how the compressor unit is doing. Make sure the unit has access to plenty of air. Cut back any shrubs that are too close and clean out the fins. Clean and clear fins means the components won’t have to work so hard to provide the cooling you want. This will usually translate into your air conditioner lasting longer. If your air conditioner looks like this... Please, get it cleaned!

Dirty A/C

Change Your Filter!

When was the last time you changed your furnace filter? Keeping your filter clean will help reduce the strain on your furnace fan and help keep your fan and heat exchanger operating efficiently. Change it out every 2-3 months with the appropriate sized disposable corrugated filter. Imagine trying to push air through this..

Dirty Furnace Filter

Keep your furnace happy – change the filter!

Check Your Attic Twice Per Year.

Every time you change the clocks, pop your head up into your attic space and check to make sure your bathroom fans are still venting to the exterior. A disconnected bathroom fan, venting into the attic, sends moist warm air into an enclosed space which may lead to microbial growth if left for a long period of time.

Wondering what this might look like?

Fan Venting into Attic

Definitely worth taking a look in your attic to prevent this from happening!

Blocked Drain?

Are slow drains driving you crazy? Two great products to help you clean them out: ‘Zip-It’ is a great tool that lets you clear any long hair that has accumulated. Followed by some ‘Super Drain’ (or similar product) and you can shower again without standing in water!

Zip It Zip It

Clean Sliding Windows

Are your sliding window tracks starting to look like a science experiment? They are easy to clean and it's amazing how much dirt can get trapped underneath the vinyl track.

Dirty Slider Track

1. Slide the window open to the half way point.
2. Grab both sides of the window and lift upwards, pop the bottom edge out of the track and pull down to remove the window.
3. Put the window in a safe place where it won't fall over and get damaged (now you can clean both sides easily).
4. In the bottom of window frame you'll see a track, using some pliers grab the centre raised track at one end and pull up. Then remove the entire track with your hands.
5. Clean the track and the window frame. Just push the track back down in place (it should click back down in place by pushing down along the length of the track).
6. To put the window back repeat steps 1 & 2 in reverse.
It's worth the efforts, you will be breathing cleaner air and your windows will look new again!

Clean Your Bathroom Fans

Do you ever take the cover down and clean your bathroom fan? If not you may want to take a look up there and give everything a good once over. Your fan will do a better job and last longer if the motor isn't restricted.

Zip It