Ways to Prevent Mould Growth in your Home

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Anywhere there is moisture in your home, there is potential for mould to grow. Often found in bathrooms, kitchens and basements, but it can grow anywhere if the humidity level is high or there is moisture from a leak. Mould spores exist on the exterior of all homes and can be found in the air of most homes. It’s only when the number of spores get out of hand that it can trigger allergies and other health problems in sensitive people. So the best idea is to keep it low in the first place.

Humidity Levels

This is a super easy thing to do and one of the most important. Keep your humidity levels below 50%. A humidity pen is inexpensive and can give you an accurate reading. Some thermostats have a humidity reading on them as well. Signs that your humidity level is too high: condensate on the windows and pipes. If your humidity level is high you may need to adjust your humidifier (if you have one installed) or you can get a dehumidifier that will help take the moisture out of the air.

Use Exhaust Fans

Using your kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans is very important. Make sure they are properly connected to the exterior and clean them a couple of times a year so they operate efficiently and effectively.

Keep Water Away from the House

You’ve probably been told to ensure your downspouts are away from the house. This is the golden rule when it comes to keep water out of your basement. If you’ve always wondered why, take a look at this diagram and you will understand the ins and outs of it.

Fix Plumbing Leaks

Every few months take a look under your sinks and make sure you don’t see any signs of leaks. A slow drip can often turn into something much bigger if its not caught and corrected. Mould growth under a sink can spread if it’s not taken care of.

Air Circulation

Good air circulation in your home is key to keep the mould levels down. Keep interior doors and closet doors open and ensuring furniture sits away from the walls. Allowing the air to circulate around the home improve ventilation in tight quarters.

No Carpet in Damp Areas

Carpets are notorious for holding moisture and thus being a breeding ground for organic matter. Keeping carpets out of bathrooms and basements is a good way to start. A lot of us want carpet in the basement to keep our toes warm but today’s technology has created some great underlay for hard surface flooring that can help with that. If you ever do notice mould in your carpet you likely will need to remove it and the underlay to ensure it’s completely removed from your home.

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