Holiday Decorating and Staying Safe

Happy December everyone. It’s time to get into the holiday cheer and pull out the decorations that give you warm memories and puts everyone into the giving mood. Unfortunately sometime accidents can happen with the changes you make to your home. Here are a few tips to keep everyone safe.

Toxic Plants – Be Aware

Pets and young children are more susceptible to putting things in their mouth that may not be good for them. If you are decorating with plants, be sure you know the potential impacts. Poinsettias are beautiful to look at but can be quite harmful if ingested. Holly is another beautiful plant to decorate with but the red berries are toxic to people and pets. If plants are part of your decorating plans be sure to keep them out of reach of dogs, cats and kids.

Ladder Safety

Outdoor lights are always a nice addition to any home but so many accidents happen when ladders are not properly used. Be sure to look over your ladder and ensure it’s in good condition before climbing on. Having a 2nd person around to hold the ladder secure is a good idea – especially since your hands will be busy trying to attach lights. Have the ladder extend 3 feet beyond the roof and be sure not to lean too far left or right – move the ladder if you need to. Keep in mind that roofs are often frosty even if there is no snow, they can be super slippery. Stay off the roof unless you know for sure its clean and dry.

Decorating with Candles

Candles give off beautiful flickering light but they can be a fire starter if not used properly. Nestling a flame in the centre of a holiday decoration or tree is not a good idea. Be sure you don’t leave candles lit and unattended. If you really need the look of a candle, battery operated candles are available and give off a very realistic effect.

Fireplace Safety

Some holiday celebrations include stockings hung by the fire. The area around a fireplace can get very hot. Keep this in mind when hanging stockings or adding decorations to a fireplace surround. Some decorations may melt from the heat. If you have a wood burning fireplace, keep the tree a good distance away so that sparks can’t inadvertently send it up in flames.

Using Real Trees

Some families may have the tradition of putting up a tree. If the tree is real, it becomes very important to follow Tree Safety tips. Always keep the water level in the base of the tree up. Checking daily is a good idea. Dry trees are more flammable and can be a fire hazard. Before adding lights to the tree, be sure to check them for frayed wires or broken bulbs. It use to be that if a bulb was broken the lights wouldn’t work but now that is not necessarily the case. Any spark could be a potential fire hazard.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful and safe Holiday Season.

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