Going RVing this summer? 5 Tips for Traveling with your Dog!

Our faithful four legged friends are like kids to us and we want them to be with us wherever we go. But sometimes traveling with your pet can limit where you go if your destination is not dog-friendly. Here are some tips to keeping your whole family safe and comfortable

Ensure your RV has a Temperature Sensor

It’s so important that your dog stays cool when travelling in any vehicle and left parked somewhere it can quickly become an oven. Consider installing a sensor that turns your generator on and then your air conditioner can regulate the temperature. There are other sensors that will send alerts to your phone letting you know that the temperature is too high, and you can go check on your furry friend. Keep in mind with phone alert – if you are in a spotty cell service area it may not be 100% reliable. 

Water, water and more Water

Water is the essence of life for both you and Fido. Make sure you always have enough on board to last a few days. If you ever run into RV trouble it could be your life saver. For any adventures out in the wild, take a collapsible water bowl for your pup and then share your drinking water. Remember if you are thirsty your best friend is too.

Plan your Route with Dog Parks Included

With all that driving Fido may feel cooped up after several hours. If you spend a bit of time planning your route, with all the information out there on the web, you should be able to map in a couple of dog parks on your route. Then everyone can get a good stretch and you can tire your pup out before continuing on the adventure.

Research Dog Friendly Destinations

Some areas are better than other but doing some research ahead of time can really save you any grief and surprises. On leash is an important distinction when you are travelling in parks and on maintained trails. Due to wild life concerns, it’s important to be able to keep your pet safe and under control so be sure to follow the guidelines posted. 

Taking your best friend on your RV adventures doesn’t have to be challenging. With a little planning and the right supplies, you and your entire family can have a great time!

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