Take Back Your Garage

How many of you out there park on the driveway or the street because there is no way your vehicle is going to fit in your garage? Not because it can’t physically fit but because you have so much stuff there just isn’t room for your car. It may be time to invest in some garage organizational tools or storage systems to help organize the garage and give your car its home back!

Take Back Your Garage

So what is a Garage Storage System?

A storage system for the garage can be a shelving system up against the walls, an overhead system that allows you to store things above the car or it paneled system that is attached to the walls. Most of these systems are designed to hold hundreds of pounds of weight when installed properly.

There Is Something for Everyone

There is a garage organizational tool for everyone and every budget. 

Garage Cabinerty

You can get very fancy with pre-fab units that attach to the wall, have doors and are essentially full cabinetry for your garage. Pros to this kind of system is you don’t have to see any of the “stuff”. The cons are they tend to be pricey and sometimes the set cabinet sizes don’t always work for larger items. 

Freestanding Racks

You can get racks that usually come in three, four or five levels that can be configured to work together in whatever way best works for your items. The pros for this system is they are easy to assemble and free standing so you don’t have to attach them to anything and can move them around when required. The cons are you may need some creativity to keep everything organized and in it’s place.

Overhead Systems

Overhead systems are possible if you have the ceiling height. They definitely need to be installed properly – you wouldn’t want them to fall down on your vehicle. The pros are they get things up and out of the way. The cons – you need a ladder to be able to reach the items. This type of system is good for those items you don’t need to access every day or for swapping out seasonal items.

Wall Panel Systems

There are wall systems with various hanging attachments – bike rack, tire rack, baskets, hooks etc… These systems require that the wall panels be installed properly (usually to studs to ensure strength) but once the panels are up the options are endless. Personally I love this type of system because of the flexibility. We have a tire rack that takes 2 sets of tires (whichever aren’t in use), bike hangers for 4 bikes, ski and snowboard hangers and tons of baskets. The pros for this system is the endless options and ease of use. The cons is that it’s a bit of organized clutter (i.e.you can see everything) and once the panels are up they aren’t really moveable in the future. 

Which is best for you?

Take a look at the items you have in your garage and the size/weight of most things. A combination of systems may be your best option – there aren’t any rules. A little bit of time to plan and a weekend of work and you may not have to brush snow off you car again! 

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