5 Reasons to do a Pre-Listing Inspection

If you are considering listing your home for sale it’s a good idea to think about getting a pre-listing inspection and finding a home inspector near you to come out and inspect your home.  Everyone thinks that the home inspection is for the buyer – which is mostly true. However, if everyone in the transaction works together you’d be amazed at how much smoother the sale can go. 

Thinking of Selling?

#1 – Buyers often inflate the cost or the amount of work required to fix something. Most of us have no idea what the cost is to repair something and often we don’t know how much time or effort it will take to repair it.  As a seller you have no idea who will be buying your home. It’s great if Mr. Handyman is your buyer but if the buyer has little or no inclination to repair things, a long list may be overwhelming. By the time the buyer is doing a home inspection their list of “To-Do” items is pretty long (as is the seller’s). If the seller has taken care of the easy repairs before they even went on the market everyone is free to deal with the moving “To-Dos” and the home inspection becomes much less stressful.

#2 – You get a To-Do list 

By having the pre-listing inspection you get a detailed home inspection list and you can then take care of the easy ones yourself and if necessary hire a handyman to come in and take care of the rest. For example, if a light fixture is not working, the inspector doesn’t know if it’s spent bulb or an electrical issue. Changing a bulb is a quick and easy fix if that’s the issue. It’s amazing what a couple of hours over a weekend can accomplish. Fewer annual maintenance items in the report will make a much better overall impression on your buyer.

#3 – You learn about the larger items

If any larger repair items are found in your home, it gives you the opportunity to get repair/replacement quotes in advance of any negotiations and to discuss the cost/benefit of repairing with your real estate agent. Buyers will often over inflate the costs to repair something. Having written quotes gives you the upper hand. There may be some items that you are not even aware of. If you have an older home, furnace, air conditioners and water heaters are often reaching their expiry date. It’s good to know this upfront. With water heaters, insurance companies do not grandfather these units, so your buyer maybe forced to replace it if it’s older than 10 years old. These items will come up when the buyer does their inspection – knowing about them in advance allows you and your agent to be prepared.

#4 – Avoid re-negotiation and Price Properly

If you are already aware that the roof needs replacing or your furnace is at end of life, you can disclose this information upfront to the buyer (they will find out eventually anyway). This can allow you to price properly from the get go and avoid the buyer coming back to re-negotiate after their inspection.

#5 – Reduces Stress!

Knowing that you are selling a well maintained home and having the reassurance that the buyer will not come back to you with some unknown issue is huge piece of mind. Buying/Selling and moving is a very stressful process and anything you can do in advance to reduce that stress is money well spent. 

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